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Here are Some Client Examples

  • Chaz Bono
    This is the Official Website for Chaz Bono
  • LaPolt Law, P.C.
    LaPolt Law, P.C. | Entertainment Attorneys
  • CMG Chiropractic
    CMG Chiropractic in Simi Valley
  • Law Offices of Craig Renetzky
    Law Offices of Craig Renetzky
  • Children's Books by Linda Wassel
    Children's Books by Linda Wassel
  • Jonny and the Be Goods


Please Use Our Affiliate Links

When shopping online, especially during Christmas-time, be sure to visit our "Sponsored Links" page before you start.

It has links to most of the websites that you shop at online. If you click one of our links to access the website you are going to shop at, we get credit for referring you. This costs you nothing except a few extra seconds of time. Your shopping experience is unchanged and unaffected. Below is just one example. More...

You've Finally Found a Dependable Web Company!

A Full-Service Interactive and Marketing Agency

Vampyre Graffix creates custom website and print design solutions. We also specialize in Social Network Administration and Website Maitenance.

Our talented team of dedicated professionals will bring together your vision and ideas into reality with creativity, technology, and marketing. Vampyre Graffix has been involved in diverse types of design and development projects including content management, social networks, and eCommerce implementations.

Your website is the first line of Public Relations in an online world. Every business handshake is preceded by a complete scrutiny of your website. Vampyre Graffix scrutinizes your business objectives from a customer's angle before proceeding to the designing table.  Learn More...

Brand Your image with a website + social networking

Whether you are building a complete brand from scratch or improving an existing design, Vampyre Graffix is the company you want on your side.

The mixture of our highly talented, experienced, and driven individuals would compliment your team and help you get your ideas off the ground and built in record time.

At Vampyre Graffix, we make sure that your goals are met and the results exceed your expectations. What can we do for you?

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Vampyre Graffix is an Eco-Conscious Company!

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You can build your own Eco-Friendly pc with parts bought from:

One You Know, You Newegg  Once You Know, You Newegg

Or, we have the experience to build it for you. Click here for details.

Active in Helping the Environment!

At Vampyre Graffix, we are committed to helping the environment. We only use recycled materials in our Eco Concious Companyadvertising and we encourage our clients to do the same.

When you have a website hosted by one of our companies, we make sure it is on a low-power, high-output, environmentally-friendly server to cut down on your carbon-footprint without sacrificing the quality of service or website load times.

Our PCs are built completely with "Green" components; from the 65W processors to the Western Digital Green Hard Drives.

To add to our committment to helping the environment we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to charities that specialize in helping the environment.

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